I am a Ph.D. Student at a UNC system university in the great state of North Carolina. I obtained my Masters in History from N.C. State back in December of 2006. It was a great experience and I enjoyed the chance to work with two enthusiastic and hardworking (not to mention brilliant) historians like Dr. Jim Crisp and Dr. Joe Caddell.

My main area of interest is ante-bellum Southern history- with particular attention to slave patrols, militia, and slave rebellion. Most of my research thus far is focused from 1820 to 1840- although I am currently working on a few projects that primarily discuss the 1850s (and the build up to the Civil War).

I am also the author of the Total Transformation weight loss and life change blog at http://totaltransformation.wordpress.com


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  1. Ruth Blackmon Says:

    I have an ancestor named Edmund Hatch who was very mean to his slaves. He would brand their faces with his initials so they could be identified. He posted rewards for their being returned to him alive or just their heads. He was notorious in his part of North Carolina for his cruelty to his slaves. I believe he lived in Craven County. It’s a shame that white people treated black people so horribly and I wish he wasn’t related to me, but it is a great history lesson

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